4/0 Twistlock weighted worm hooks

The Mustad Ultra Point Twist Lock Plus EWG is a great hook for weedlessly rigging soft plastics, like sinking stick baits, soft jerkbaits, and toads.

With a Centering-Spring Pin attached to the hooks eye, The bait can then be "Positively " secured by inserting the spring pin In the center of the nose of a Soft Plastic, Which screwed onto the twist lock coil spring the bait will rig perfectly every time! The "Open" Gap allows for a more positive hook set.

The weighted hook helps your lure "Swim" down into the Strike Zone, and also increases casting distance.

With the weight positioned low on the shank to provide a "Keel" effect so baits rigged weed less-style can swim naturally, avoiding excessive rolling and flipping when weights are Inside soft baits.

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