New Products For June

  • 200g Kira eel Jigheads

    200g Kira eel jigheads Comes with a wire retainer to hold lure secure. Tapered to get down to fish quick. Designed for the norway fishing scene [...]

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  • 100g Tai Kabura heads

    Tai Kabura Jigs Which I make in house and use predominately to take cod etc from the east coast of uk also known as Tai Rubber Jigs or Slide Jigs. [...]

    Price £5.50

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  • Football head #4 1.5g

    JIG HEAD DISCRIPTION The Football jig scores big for bottom fishing and as a probing tool. The wide-shaped jig head prevents the lure from fumbling [...]

    Price £3.50

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  • epic Slick shads 75mm

    Sold in packs of 6 these are made from the american epic slick swim mold. The 3 Inch Slick Swim is a paddle tail swimbait with a body thickness of [...]

    Price £3.95

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