Cahira Nitinol single strand Titanium Alloy Wire
CAHIRA NITINOL SINGLE STRAND WIRE 5M COIL 5m of Nitinol Fishing Wire. Supplied Coiled. This is a great wire material for end traces, stingers and uptraces. Comes in 6 diameters, covering everything from discrete Jack Proof Chub/Perch/Eel traces, all the way up to heavy duty traces for Huge Jerkbaits, Monster Catfish, Sharks, or anything else you can think of that would warrant it. 6lb/2.7kg 0.21mm. The finest wire in my range. A brilliant bite proof trace for Perch, Chub and Eels when finesse is the order of the day for UL lures and other very small baits. Knots brilliantly with a 3 turn blood knot and crimps very well with 0.6mm Crimps with the standard triple pass method. 12lb/5kg 0.26mm. Perfect as a Jack proof trace when fishing for Perch, Chub or Eels, or just for more finesse methods and light lures, such as the Ned Rig. 24lb/10kg 0.35mm. A great all-round trace for light to medium sized lures when targeting Pike, or larger Perch, Chub and Zander lures, stingers and baits. My go-to gauge for general lure fishing. 40lb/18kg 0.43mm. Another well rounded gauge. Ideal for medium/large Pike lures and stingers. Can also help get lighter baits down to depth quicker. This is also great for live/deadbaiting traces for small/medium baits up to about 4oz. 66lb/30kg 0.56mm. Brilliant for heavy Pike lures, uptraces and bait traces for larger baits when targeting Pike, Catfish and even Tope. 100lb/45kg 0.70mm. Great for the very largest of lures and baits. Also, its' inherent rigidity helps avoiding tangles when used as a Jerkbait trace and for end/uptraces for Pike, Catfish and Sharks. Note- I class the 100lb as a 'specialist' wire. It is not as user friendly to make traces with as the lighter gauges. It needs patience and careful handling to construct the very best traces. I have a pictorial guide on my Facebook page to assist with heavy gauge trace construction. Properties: - Dead straight memory wire. - Highly resistant to kinking. - Black Oxide finish. - Superelastic property that allows 5-10% elongation under extreme or sudden load. Returns to its' original length without damage, giving a cushioning effect to connections and knots. - Resistant to tangling and wrapping itself round branches, ropes, railings etc. - Will not corrode. Please check crimps, hooks, swivels, split rings and snaps every session. - Can be knotted or crimped. Technically the 100lb and 65lb can be knotted but I highly recommend crimping these heavy gauges

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