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New Products For April

  • Feeder beads

    SWIM FEEDER / LEGER LINK BEAD PACK OF 10 These feeder beads are easy to use, just thread onto your line & stop with either a

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  • Size 8 corkscrew swivels

    These size 8 black nickel cork screw swivels and are very strong for their size. Invaluable for the modern specimen angler for ease of changing [...]

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  • size 8 large eye swivels

    These swivels are size 8 (International size 4) and will fit a standard safety clip. Finished in black for lower visibility, the large eye [...]

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  • Size 7 drop shot swivels

    Drop Shot #7 Grip Swivels They are used in most drop shot swivel do it molds and many others. The swivels have a cross etched swivel [...]

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