shark float adapter
When Shark fishing, the challenge is getting your bait to hang at the depth where the fish are. And using the right size float for the bait. Most guys are either blowing up balloons and trying to tie them to their line or fighting with rubber bands etc. Here is a simple solution an easy to use, reusable solution from Lure factors. Using the bottle from most Coca-Cola and other bottles for flotation, the bottle float adapter uses an adjustable line gripper to hang your bait where you want it. When the fish hits, the line pulls out of the gripper and you can fight and land your catch with ease. A short leash attaches the adapter to your fishing line using the clip. This lets you retrieve the clip and since the float stays on the surface, you know where your line is as the fish runs .You could even Use light sticks inside the bottle so that you see where your lines are at night.Ideal for the tope, halibut in Norway and pike fishing.


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