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Rig Rings with a matt black non reflective coating to help prevent spooking wary carp. Rig Rings are now a vital part of Terminal Tackle for any carp and course fishermen. They are used to make a wide variety of of rig set ups and presentation tactics. A popular rig being the classic "D Rig" where the ring will allow the bait to move naturally with minimum movement of the hook. Rig Rings can also be used as a strong link between different fishing lines. Sizes Available, The Oval Rig Rings have smooth rounded surfaces with no sharp edges, are corrosion resistant and incredibly strong. They are exactly the right shape to sit correctly on the hook shank for perfect sliding rig rings. Teardrop shaped rig rings that complement Hair or bait floss knots locate securely in the apex of the ring, leaving the wider more rounded end of the ring free to run smoothly on the hook shank or d-rig loop. Perfect for Blow-Back rigs, Chod rigs, and Multi rigs, where the hook bait is attached to a ring.

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