6/0 Mustad Ultra point Jig Hooks

6/0 Mustad Ultra point Jig Hooks

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Date Added: Sunday 28 January, 2018

by Pete Kennett

Hi Folks,
When I first received these Mustad Ultrapoint hooks from Kell at Lurefactors, I was slightly disappointed that they were quite small and slim for their stated size (6/0) but I decided to go ahead anyway and tie some jigflies on them. I was very impressed with the sharpness of the hooks – they certainly lived up to their name! The jigflies I made with them were around 9” long from the eye of the hook to the tip of the tail and they were weighted with a 2.8g dumbbell which was tied on top of the shank so to make the lure swim-hook point up.
As it turned out, I had no need to worry about the hook size as when pike inhaled my jigflies, I had an excellent hook-up rate and the strength of the hooks has been proven as I caught an 18lb+ pike last week and a 20lb+ pike this week and the hook remains the same shape.
Altogether, these hooks are very good quality and priced well at Lurefactors. I will certainly buy more and if they brought out a 7/0, I would buy those as well!
Cheers, Kato.

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