hook sharpening hand vice

Hand held mini vice for carp hook sharpening.

Also trebles for lures and sea hooks of many sizes.

HAND VISE STEEL – HAND CLAMP WORK HOLDER Brand new unused high quality product comes with strong pouch. A hand held vise, a clamping vise, and work holder. Tool is made of steel with tapered from 14mm down to 9mm at the front end of the Jaws. Clamp has a tightening wing nut to hold part/s in place securely. the jaws close and open by tightening the wing nut. The post for the wing nut has a hole that longer wires can be fitted through all the way into the hollow handle, for twisting purposes. Handle is hollow with a holding length of 75mm long, knurled for firm grip, with a 3.5 mm hole opening throughout. The handle portion is knurled and is hollow, allowing capability to hold long parts through the body of the tool. A handy and multipurpose tool that can be used in a various applications. Buy with Confidence


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