Cahira Nitinol Multistrand Titanium Alloy Wire
Cahira Nitinol Multistrand Titanium Alloy Wire (3m) Amazing kink resistance, superelasticity, is dead straight, low vis black oxide finish, tangle resistance, remarkable knottability and will not corrode. Additional benefits are increased flexibility over the single strand and far improved crimping performance. 24lb/11kg 0.36mm- A brilliantly versatile strength for this supple wire. Perfectly balanced for small to medium lures up to 50/60g. An excellent choice for Zander, Perch and Eel traces where Pike are a distinct possibility. Also my personal favourite for Pike fly fishing. Knots very securely with a 2-3t bloodknot or can be crimped with #1 0.8mm single sleeve crimps. 42lb/19kg 0.51mm- Another great all-round breaking strain of wire for general bait traces, lure traces, stingers, harnesses and uptraces. Best when triple passed through 0.8mm double crimps and paired with #5 Crane Swivels and #4 Split Rings for Bait Trace hook hangers. For Lure Traces, instead of split rings, use #3 Securlocks, 23mm Fastlinks or #3 Fastlock Snaps. Can be knotted very securely with a 3 turn Blood Knot, tightened carefully from the tag end. 88lb/40kg 0.69mm- The Daddy of Multistrands! Perfect for the construction of the Ultimate Pike Trace, whether bait or lure. Suitable for Catfish due to its heavy gauge and softness to the touch and more than man enough for most Sharks and Rays in the UK and the likes of Barracuda further afield. I prefer to use 1.2mm double crimps, triple passed, #2 or #1/0 Crane Swivels, #7 Split Rings and #5 Securlocks for making my traces. Can also be knotted neatly and securely with a 3 turn bloodknot, tightened from the tag end to avoid pigtailing.

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