Bite Sabre drop back bite Alarm
Bite Sabre's are my new design of rear drop off alarm. Feel the force The head is a wide duckbill design Fluro orange head, for easy line placement even with cold fingers. Two delrin balls hold the line for smooth release in any weather conditions like most carp drop off's. There is a main on off switch to stop any battery draining by accident When a take is indicated just strike and concentrate on the fish the alarm turns off immediately on the strike just like the old fox alarms used to do. The rear butt connector fits to any rod butt with simple o'rings once the distance is set to the reel just store rod with butt attachment and your length is set for fast set up on next spot you do not need to readjust . The rear butt fixing also swivels so fishing on a slanted bank of a river or drain is a breeze. The head has a 10g magnetic weight which can be removed for less resistance on the line and also extra weights can be attached to increase line weight for conditions where extra tow is incurred. The alarm will screw to any standard bankstick. There is a jack socket to take attx dongle. Ultra bright blue led pulse tone alarm carbon fibre body Battery compartment with magnetic cover for easy battery fitment (standard 9v pp3) There is a retaining slot so the arm dose not have to be removed just place in up right position to store ready for immediate set up.


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