5ltr Lure Flex

Lure Flex is our liquid plastic plastisol forumla. This is the base material you need to make your soft plastic lures. It's milk like consistency soon changes to a thicker clear liquid when heated. Just add colours, glitter and scents of your choice and pour into moulds. Your lure creations will soon come to life! Our Liquid Plastic is virtually odorless when cooled .Quick and easy to use phthalate-free system enables you to pour extremely soft rubber parts. Perfect for lure makers, special effects artists, rapid prototyping, and medical PVCP reproductions such as skin, fat, and muscle tissue. qPAI, given its longterm stability, optical transparency and tissue-like acoustic properties. also used in the filling of reborn dolls for really lifelike dolls

Excellent finished product feel and no greasiness

1 litre of Liquid Plastic is enough to make approx. 100 x 6" Senko type worms

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