New Products For April

  • lure attractor swivels

    A 25mm hammered willow spinner blade attachment to increase the appeal of your chosen soft lure. Ideal for fresh and salt water predatory species. [...]

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  • Mepps Agila no5 Gold

    The Mepps Aglia spinner is the original French spinner. It is the World''s #1 Lure. More trophy fish have been caught on the Mepps Aglia than any [...]

    Price £3.40

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  • Mould c13 Molix Freaky Rock

    Description :-A lure with several limbs cannot help but produce a lot of vibrations, both on the fall and in action, an advantage when predators are [...]

    Price £14.00

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  • Mould w256 Molix Sator Worm

    Molix Sator Worm Featuring a ribbed body that tapers down to an ultra-thin tail, the Molix 125mm Mould Weight :-0.250g Bait size :-125

    Price £21.50

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  • Mould V614 85mm Cannibal shad

    Description :-Super swimming action and a very versatile shad - great for Pike, Perch and Zander! Mould Weight :-0.183g Bait size :-

    Price £17.00

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  • Mould W02 150mm Fiiish Crazy Sandeel

    Description :-It is a very versatile lure which can be cast from the shore, jigged from a boat or even fished on a traditional 'flying collar' style [...]

    Price £18.00

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  • Mould W108 Single cavity 4" Lunker City Fin S Fish

    Description :-The Fin-S fish original fork tail minnow has been a part of Lunker City since the beginning. The first by design as a soft "fork tail [...]

    Price £16.00

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  • Roundhead #6 to #1

    JIG HEAD DISCRIPTION These small jig heads are perfect for ultra light presentations with grubs and worms. They are made with premium quality, [...]

    Price £3.85

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